Home Sweet Home

As things move on a-pace in Biddulph, the home of our builder, Piper Boats, our attention has moved to finding a home for Anticus to moor.

Our criteria is really that she should be no great distance from our house in Twickenham, which is on the Thames (the town that is, not our house ! I hasten to add the film Brewsters Millions was not based on me in any way, shape or form). We are not planning to live full time on board, indeed Nicola still has a year before she can retire (she has told me to emphasise EARLY retirement).

So the lower non-tidal Thames seemed to fit geographically. The first decision was un-serviced options moored to a bank or eyott (island, for those who don’t speak Thames)!, or a marina with the bells and whistles of electricity, water, security, and of course far greater fees.

After perusing the ‘wild mooring’ options we eventually decided on selling a kidney or two and opted for the marina option. There are a couple within 20 mins of our house that could take Anticus, Shepperton and Penton Hook.

Quite honestly there was little to choose between the two marinas. One had a yacht / social club – doesn’t really float our boat (sorry about that!:) Both had a decent chandlery. Neither had a crane that could take our Piper. Penton Hook was about 15% more in fees, but has reciprocal access to all MDL marinas. And the final clincher, especially as far as Nicola was concerned – from our potential mooring at Shepperton, we saw a pair of Kingfishers in the bushes 30 yds away!

So, as someone once told me, BOAT means Bring On Another Thousand. Well in this case it was around 6 BOATs worth, but we are booked into Shepperton for 12 months.

brand new moorings


Home Sweet Home

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