Just add water

Things are moving along at quite a pace now with the build. Although every time I look outside and see blue skies and check the River Thames conditions and see Green Boards, it seems like the launch can’t come soon enough.

We visited the Piper yard a couple of weeks ago to finalise a few details with the help of Warren, the very skilled and helpful carpenter who is fitting out the boat. Chatting to Nick, who has guided us through the build, we are looking at the 7th of June as the date we are going to launch at Thames and Kennet Marina in Reading.

Our aim is then a gentle cruise, probably 4 days, to our berth in Shepperton Marina.

Nicola and I are equally as excited as we are nervous about our first few days with Anticus, Nicola about the locks and me about dinking the paintwork! (Note to self: order touch up paint !!)

Seeing the boat looking like a boat is fabulous, and really feels like it is SO close to floating down the Thames. We really just need to add water !!

Paint boat

Love the colour

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