Barge Life #1

Well dear reader, here I am, sat in glorious sunshine moored just down the pontoon from Gloriana. Haven’t seen HRH Liz yet, but have the kettle on ready if she fancies a cuppa.


After our trip downriver from Reading last weekend I seem to have spent most of the week cleaning. If my mother could see me now ……………

Anyway, the deck scrubbing and polishing was not in vain as my sister and family came to visit on Saturday. We took them out for a short cruise through Sunbury lock and found a lovely quiet mooring just below the weir.


As luck would have it, we were 50 yards from The Magpie pub, and, well, I’m sure you can guess, we upped our #bargelife bonus points and strolled to the afor mentioned pub for a bit of lunch time grazing. Very nice it was too, even forgiving the fact that the fish and delicious chips came with a pea puree rather than the more chewy mushy peas. Well, at least it was on a plate and not in/on anything resembling roofing tiles, flower-pots or any of the other nonsense that seems to be de-rigour in inner M25 eating establishments. A very nice pub, with clean, easy moorings very close by if you happen to be in the area.

One other thing of note this week, which had my flabber gasted. This very blog was inundated with a message from the USofA. No, not from Trump Towers but from Pennsylvania and one of it’s (I’m sure) formost residents, Michael Ferman. Apparently he was taking the air alongside the Thames at Runnymede whilst holidaying in the Mother Country and spotted us cruising past. He snapped some pics, tracked down our blog and a result is below. Amazing! (Well it is to me!)

Runnymede lock

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