Pet Shop Booze

We have had a quiet week or two on Anticus. I seem to have spent a fair amount of time cleaning the deck and cabin roof. I suppose that is a downside of such a pretty mooring near a swan sanctuary and the rest of the bird-life locally. One improvement (I hope) has been to replace the collapsible hose that was connected to the deck wash pump, with a rigid walled hose. There was a problem with the fact that the installed deck-wash pump is fairly low pressure (a couple of Bar I would think), and consequently when pressure is used to ‘inflate’ the collapsible hose, there is little more than a dribble available at the business end of the pipe. Anyway, problem solved with a new hose.

Last week we prised ourselves away from the water to visit Covent Garden, and more specifically, The Royal Opera House for a concert by The Pet Shop Boys.


Incredible concert, with the age of the audience being roughly commensurate with the age of most of the barge owners we have met!!

Back to the boat, we spotted a small issue with our teak-style decking, in so much as there had been a small blister developed where it looked like the adhesive may have failed. Anyway, an email to Nick at Piper Boats, our builders, was met with a speedy response from the installers who sent along a fitter to make the necessary repairs.


I think the weight will eventually be removed !!

There must always be small snags on a new build, and so far these odd bits and pieces have been very swiftly seen to.

We aren’t exactly short of booze on board, having opted for a 36 bottle wine fridge in place of the originally specified dishwasher. Also, not forgetting a few dozen reds, from Ralphs Wines,  in the bilge under the saloon floor. Anyway, after a bit of research and with the temperature reaching 30C in the South of England, I ordered a draft beer pump from Beer Hawk and a few litres of Leffe beer, along with branded glasses and beer mat!

Booze situation takes a turn for the better

Unfortunately, I am having to wait 12 hours for the beer to reach temperature, so will report back next time with a taste test!

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