Blind drunk

Well first thing first.  I know those of you who hang on my every word here will be keen to know how the taste test went of the newly installed draft Leffe beer pump from Beer Hawk. I can safely say it tasted fantastic! Especially so in 30 degrees of heat on the back of the boat at Shepperton Marina.


Beautiful ………………

Our blind man came to the boat today. The man to fit our blinds I mean.

Piper supply internal blinds to the doors in the wheelhouse, but owners are left to their own devices as far as window coverings for the rest of the superstructure. We were recommended a company a little way North of us, who had fitted window coverings to other Piper barges, but they refused to travel the extra 20 miles East of Reading to our mooring in Shepperton. They must be making too much money as they are!

As luck would have it, this proved to be  blessing in disguise. Just around the corner from Anticus is a company called Decorama. They popped in, measured up, quoted (very good value) and installed. All in the space of a couple of weeks.

Lovely wheelhouse blinds from Decorama – perfectly matching the Piper ones

I would highly recommend these guys, neat, professional and a quality product. Oh! and willing to travel !!

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