Return to our spiritual home

After a brief hiatus in our cruising as Nicola’s work got in the way of our pleasure, we set off today on a calm River Thames under bright blue skies. Heading for one of our favourite moorings in Windsor on our way to Henley.


In case you are wondering about the cryptic title to this update, it is to do with Henley. More specifically where we first saw Piper barges up close and personal.

Every year Piper’s organise a get together of their recent barges on the Thames at Temple Island, Henley. Here owners get odd bits of work done by the attendant engineers, and in return open their boats up to the mass hoards of potential purchasers.

This will be our fourth visit, but, importantly,  the first with Anticus. It really is a return of sorts for us. From the first seed sewn in 2014 when we stepped on board Alphi, owned by Phil and (you’ve probably guessed) Alison, through design, build and launch, we are SO excited to be proudly showing our pride and joy off.

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