After the show

Phew! What a busy weekend for us in Henley. Actually to be fair, it was a busy week, what with all the cleaning prior to showing off our boat to potential Piper customers.

Tuesday – arrive in Henley, pressure wash the boat

Wednesday – inflate dinghy, charge electric outboard, go for a spin – fall in !!

Thursday – searching Henley for a new phone! Clean inside of boat

Friday – see Thursday!


Kingston Bridge. A bit easier to negotiate than Henley

The weekend was splendid though. Met some lovely folk who reminded us of ourselves over the last few years on our journey towards owning a Piper Barge.

We also have a lovely mooring


After the weekend was over we had a delicious BBQ with a few of the boats remaining for Sunday night. On Monday we moved on, just not very far. In fact just the other side of Henley Bridge, where we moored up (about half a mile!) and were joined soon after by Joie de Vivre, Elysium and Eadlin, all Pipers that had been at the show and obviously had the same idea as us! Great minds huh?

We finished our stay with a meal at The Square, an unmissable Portuguese restaurant in Henley, listening to the many tales of Len, the skipper of Elysium. A former Thames waterman, black cab driver, pub owner and so Cockney he probably cooked jellied eels, but now a proper bon viveur.

Anyway, onwards and forwards. Heading to Marlow today.

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