Happy (belated) New Year!

Well, here we are, spring is very nearly sprung, we are dusting off Anticus, and starting to prepare for a new year of cruising which will culminate with us crossing the Channel on board our Piper Barge.

By way of breaking you gently into our blog this year, here are a couple of videos – one for the tech geeks, and one for the less esoteric amongst us.

3 thoughts on “Happy (belated) New Year!”

  1. And a happy belated new year to you! We are also planning to leave our boat in Bruges this October. Can you tell us the name of the marina you have booked, so we can organise to be near you again. Are you planning to take your boat over before Brexit? Only a few months until we are back on our home on the water! Thanks Karen

    Karen Johns Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi Karen
      We have booked into Brugges Flandria Yachtclub. However I think you need to act VERY quickly to get a mooring for this winter!

      We are not going across until probably September – not envisaging any problems with that.

      Looking forward to seeing you soon

      Martyn abd Nicola


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