A look through the porthole

We thought it might be a good idea to show you around the inside of our barge. Not least because lots of you can’t seem to visualise how big Anticus is. Resulting in lots of questions such as, “how do you cook”, “is there a toilet”, “do you have a fridge”.

The interior living space is around 850 sq ft, (80 sq m), with an extra 40 sq ft of rear deck that the wheelhouse / dining / seating area opens out onto via bi-fold doors. This equates to a one bedroom flat in London.

I thought today I’d show you a couple of pictures we have hanging in the saloon (lounge), and the layout of this part of the boat.

Top left we have a view of the lounge from the stairway leading upstairs to the dining area. You can see a blue bed-settee, reclining chair, our dumb-waiter, Jeeves, the door to the en-suite master bedroom and Alfies dog bed (which he has never used!!) Just out of sight on the right is the TV and music system.

Moving on clockwise through the pics – a nice Tiffany style deco lamp we picked up on our travels, whiskey and port decanters (of course), portholes on the starboard (right) side with a painting by Jack Russell (which is shown in more detail on the left of the photos). More on that another time. The last two photos show a photo of me caddying for Seve Ballesteros at the Open Championship in 1998, a close up of Jeeves, and a long frame with pictures of random things which spell out “Anticus”.

And there you have the first of our views through the porthole.

Hopefully this will help to put your minds at rest that we are managing ok, not living the life of Rosie and Jim, and are quite comfortable 🙂

The boat, Alfie and us are looking forward to welcoming you on board.

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