Barge Rally at Kingston

We are members of the DBA, The Barge Association. This is a loose knit group of people who own or are interested in Barges and inland waterways travel. There is an online forum which we used extensively when researching before building Anticus, and still find extremely useful in our day to day life on board.

During the year, all over the world, members of the DBA organise rallies, where members gather to show off and chat about all things boaty. Last week there was a gathering just down-river from us at Kingston-Upon-Thames. It was too good an opportunity to miss, so off we headed on board our boat.

It was a great weekend, where we met new friends on board a variety of barges, had a great afternoon in the sun, with cold beer in the company of our friends Alan and Gee, and even witnessed a dramatic river rescue by the RNLI crew from Teddington!


We were treated to a visit from the crew of the D-class lifeboat from RNLI Teddington, who told us about water safety, and gave us an insight on how to deal with a man-overboard (or indeed woman – or in our case, dog!). Little did they know at the time but at around midnight on Saturday night, they would be visiting us in earnest as they rescued a person who had entered the water from Kingston Bridge and found himself clinging to one of the barges awaiting rescue. All very dramatic!


Nicola returning from a walk with Alfie, who has never had so much exercise. (Alfie that is, not Nicola, – although thinking about it ………..)

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