Winter, warmer

Happy New Year all.

Anticus has been moored in the centre of Bruges since we came across the Channel in October. We are in a lovely Yachthaven (yacht club) in Flandria close to the railway station and 5 minutes walk from the city centre.

Bruges takes Xmas seriously and the size of their Xmas markets testifies to this. The yacht club was not to be outdone, and our monthly visits to check on Anticus have coincided with many of their celebrations.  From the lights switch-on at the beginning of December, to the arrival of St Nicholas and his helpers a couple of weeks later, and on to the New Year lunch on the 12th Jan.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing Anticus slowly out of hibernation and warming up her vitals ready for casting off from Flandria at the beginning of April. Before that, though, I’ll get out with the camera and get a few pictures of this fabulous city to share with you all.

In the meantime, we now have our own Facebook page just search “Barge Anticus” and you should find us.

See you next time!

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