You’re living on a what??

It occurred to us that we have only really posted pictures of the outside of Anticus and most of you have no idea of what lies inside. Indeed more than a few of our friends have asked – how do you cook?, do you have to use public toilets?, isn’t it a pain making the bed up every day?, and other such questions. So we thought you might like to see inside:

Starting from the left of the picture (the front or the bow), behind the first window is the bedroom, second window is the en-suite bathroom, then the next three are the lounge and kitchen (galley). The large square structure is the wheelhouse where we steer the boat from, and also eat our meals and relax watching the world go bye. Underneath the wheelhouse is the engine room.
Main bedroom, King size bed, plenty of cupboards and wardrobe, air conditioning and central heating

I hope this has given you a bit of an insight and assured you that we are ok and not having to use public toilets, live on sandwiches and wrap up in multiple layers when it gets chilly!

Anticus is actually one of the smaller barges in the marina at 50 ft (15m) long and 14ft (4.2m) wide. Some boats here are 30m long and have 3 or 4 bedrooms, we are happy with one bedroom, one bathroom, and two toilets, but we chose it to suite the two of us and our dog. The settee in the lounge is a bed-settee, and the dining area converts to a double bed, so if any of you fancy a visit, let us know.

For those whose interests are not purely domestic, I’ll publish a post on the engine room and the engineering that goes into the boat soon.

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