A place for everything ….

And everything in its place. The engine room is not the biggest space on our boat. All boat purchases are a balance of compromises, one of mine was sacrificing a walk around engine room / workshop for a boat that wouldn’t be the size of a SAGA river cruise ship.

The engine room sits under the rear deck and the wheelhouse so is about 4m x 4m by about 1.4m high so getting around down there means a stoop from the waist with bended knees (getting more difficult with age), a crawl on hands and knees or a shuffle on your back-side. Once you are in position it is though easy to find a comfortable seating position to carry out checks and maintenance or retrive an item or tool from the various storage boxes.

The engine itself is a 4 cylinder 3769cc marinised turbocharged Diesel engine made by Beta Marine here in the UK. It pushes out around 100hp but has tremendous torque. Our cruising speed of about 6mph is reached under normal conditions with the rev counter nudging 1300rpm. It is keel cooled with a dry exhaust.

Half a tonne of marine diesel engine

Also in the engine room are our domestic central heating a water heating systems and their related pumps. We have central heating through the boat, a power shower, a couple of bathrooms and galley with water passing through these pumps and systems from the 1000l fresh water tank to the taps.

Central heating and water boiler on the left next to the blue immersion tank, above these wrapped in silver heatproof material is the engine exhaust.

As you can see most of the domestic systems on board are the same, or a marine equivalent of those found in a house on dry land.

We have quite a hungry boat power wise with a normal sized fridge freezer, a 36 bottle wine fridge, draft beer chiller and pump (you have to get your priorities right), and lighting, air-conditioning and at various times, water heating. The engine has a bank of batteries which keep us in light and chilled alcohol when away from mains power, these are topped up by a 65Amp alternator on the engine, a 5kw generator and 8 solar panels on the roof.

Kohler 5kw whisper generator, keeps us in power wherever we roam.
Part of the Mastervolt electrical control system – this bit regulates the solar panels
Mastervolt electrical control hardware

I usually visit the engine room daily, either performing checks or doing routine maintenance on filters, belts, oil levels etc, and also because this is where most of the tools, pressure washer, light bulbs and such like are stored.

Anyway, there we have it. A brief tour of Anticus’ engine room. And welcome news I am sure for those readers who haven’t got a clue what all this was about, this was the last ‘technical’ post for a while !

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